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My name is Leah, and I’m from Birmingham, UK.

I love food, photography and dogs.

I’m 19, dreading the day I turn 20!

This blog is more or less going to be mainly just posts of my photography ūüôā

Here are a few pictures of mine!

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Tropical World – Leeds

Last weekend, Jack and I visited Tropical World in Leeds, Yorkshire!

Before we went in, I assumed it was only going to be butterflies and small tropical animals but, we were pleasantly surprised to see there was many different species! 

A Tropical World there was Butterflies to start with (which were in a room full of banana trees!) Then there was Turtles, Meerkats, a Tarantula, Centipedes, a Peacock, Monkeys, Lizards, Stingrays, HUGE Fish, many other types of Fish, Snakes. 

There were also Ants, a huge Ants nest that, Jack and I, must’ve stood at for 30 minutes! We were fascinated with watching them all walk down the tree branch to a piece of fruit and some leaves, to then take the pieces collected right back up in to the nest. We saw one ant fall dramatically, after collecting a piece of a leaf that was too large for him to carry, it fell into the water below to be eaten by a fish pretty much the second it fell into the water. It was so sad to see we had to leave the ant nest after we watched a small group of ants try to take a huge peice of a leaf back into the nest, they were slowly falling off the side of the branch but they saved it thankfully!

I Miss Spring!

It’s been a while since spring past but I do miss it. 

The crisp wind and the blooming flowers, it’s my favourite season which is surprising seeing as I get hayfever quite badly! 

I took these photo’s on a saturday out in yorkshire, it was a beautiful day.

Flowers are one of my favourite things to take pictures of, they’re so simple and colourful – even though they are simple they make great photographs. 

Here is my photography instagram I have to post pictures I take, if you’re interested give me a follow!


Original Patty Men!

So this weekend, me and Jack, took a little trip into Birmingham to try out a new burger joint. 

Before hand we did a little bit of research – curtosy of google reviews! Nothing but great reviews for them so we decided to try it out on our unplanned afternoon. 

I’m not usually a huge burger person, but this was so good it lived up to it’s great reviews. 

Triple cooked fries – perfection. 

Bacon cheese burger – cooked to perfection, juicy, just what a burger would want.

Drinks – they have their own crafted drinks! I had a cola which was rather nice and Jack had a lemonade that was almost like fanta lemon! 

The only downside was that it was a little salty but the drinks were sweet enough to balance it out!

We took a few pictures for memoirs.

Photo credit to Jack of course! 

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